Welcome to the world of Latour‑Marliac

Water lily and lotus specialists, since 1875.

Our catalogue contains over 300 varieties of water lily, 50 types of lotus, and 150 other kinds of aquatic plant. Our stock is grown on site in our cultivation pools and greenhouses, using methods that are both innovative and traditional.

A belle époque gem.

Explore three hectares of gardens and ponds  dating back to the 19th century, and classified as “Remarquable” by the French Ministry of Culture.

Lunch among the water lilies.

Enjoy regional cuisine at Café Marliacea, our restaurant, situated next to the French National Water Lily Collection with sweeping views of the lake.

Bory Latour-Marliac + Claude Monet.

Our museum explains how these two creative men invented the water lily in the 19th century, making it part of France’s national heritage.

Become a garden pond expert.

Make use of our planting and water gardening guides and those of our predecesseurs.